You are not a Statue

What’s it like to be scared shitless and wonder how the heck did I get transported to this parallel universe. In fact, you wish you were transported to a parallel universe that would indeed validate – the scared shitless.

The easy part is standing still like a statue. It looks the same, but up is down, black is white, and there is that sense that you are no longer in control and in the driver’s seat . There is also that feeling. You know that feeling; just before we fall asleep and we sense that we are falling and jolt ourselves to wake up. That feeling, … the “Oh, Shit” feeling.Am I dreaming? Far from it, you are Living.

Welcome to Outside your Comfort Zone

Take it from an uber control freak ,who has made a few rookie mistakes (Ian, it happens to the best of us), it can be a pretty intimidating place. There are no sign posts,  you want to hide under the duckie blankie, and people start mysteriously vanishing from your life.

What am I doing wrongTrust me you are not doing anything wrong.

By stepping out of your comfort zone , you are making a very bold and electrifying statement to the Universe and all adjacent parallel Universes  – I have the utmost respect, trust, and faith in myself.

I’ll even put on the big boy pants.


By the Power of Greyskull

Its the utmost Love for myself!

I love myself so much , that even if I have a massive SPLAT on my face – I know I’ll be able to pick myself back up .For close to 40 years I have been avoiding the SPLAT . What I have come to realize is that it wasn’t the SPLAT that scared the shit out of me, it was a lack of trust and faith in myself to recover from the SPLAT.

Today it feels like a SPLAT , but sometimes it feels like a golf ball in the throat ,that creates instant statue like paralysis. Those old comfort zones – that’s why they are called blind spots.

The important thing isn’t how it will feel tomorrow, or next week  but how it feels right now. The Right Now I can deal with and it’s the only thing I need to worry about. What IFing myself  is like hitting myself in the head with a hammer. Not a whole lot of trust, faith, and love for myself in Hammer Time.

Even though , I have picked myself up from some pretty hairy SPLATS – I have come to learn that life and the race course do not respect past results . I still need to do the reps. The action steps. The “I know what to do, so I’m doing it“ as opposed to the “I know what to do , but I just have to do it“.




Look nobody said it was going to be easy, in fact if it’s easy then we are still probably standing still  in the safe and secure. Fear is necessary for massive dreams. If I don’t want the fear, then all I have to do is stand still.

I feel the fear and get scared; sometimes it puts a pretty nasty figure four leg lock on me, but eventually I wriggle out. Do you want to know the irony of the submission hold. Who do you think was applying the figure four leg lock?


By the Power of GreySkull

My Predicament is Myself! How do you keep from standing still in life?