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NIH, Can Fit Pro PTS, NCCP

Internationally Certified Personal Trainer/Coach

Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer


With her many years of training and expertise within the fitness and coaching industry, combined with her passion and dedication to achieve healthy long-term results, Yin Ming is a successful leader within her field of physical analysis for competitive sports and personal development.  Backed by her formative years of study at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo Norway, and extensive experience on the National Tae Kwon Do team competing at the national and international levels, she understands the critical elements of this complex field to build a strong multi-staged platform for creating sustainable peak physical performance. Yin Ming’s knowledge-base provided an in-depth and valued expertise to the Norwegian Biathlon Team, several athletes and sport teams.

Yin Ming’s expertise is further enhanced by her desire to pursue knowledge and continually upgrade her impressive resume of training programs.  She is currently augmenting her skills with a Holistic Nutritional Designation (RHN) to help better serve the ever-evolving needs and expectations of her wide range of clients.

All this is possible through Yin Ming’s passion for personal success, driven from greater pleasure gained from desiring to work within a diverse field of cultural environments, both nationally and abroad. Yin Ming’s programs offer her personal guidance, combined with  motivational techniques, to help you find a higher level of personal excellence.



· Internationally Certified Personal Trainer (Norwegian School Of Sport Sciences)

· Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) | Canada

· National Coaching Certificate in Biathlon, Tae Kwon Do,  Olympic Lifting (NCCP) | Canada

· Certified Bod Pod Technician


Based in Hong Kong, Central. For more information please contact Yin @

Phone: +852 982 47801    FB: /yinminggillespie 

Email: yinming_gillespie@hotmail.com




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