Time to connect

You always have time to connect!

The other day I was rushing from work to pick up a rental car, and I walked passed a rose bush.  Most of the flowers had already bloomed and were on the decaying cycle, and one had caught my eye.  Immediately after I saw it, I thought, I don’t have time to stop to smell the roses; really.  

But then I did stop walking; just because we have things to do doesn’t mean we can’t do them with awareness.

So, I gave myself three minutes to get present, and walked back to the rose.

First, I took an inhale in, and then took a deep exhale out just to ground myself.  I even closed my eyes to come into my body.  I looked at the rose, and said to myself, “I NOTICE…” I noticed the pink leaves, the uniformity, the inside being circular shape.

I took a deep breath in again, then out, and touched the flower. “It FEELS soft and velvety…”

Breathing in and out again, I then smelled the rose. “It SMELLS floral, faint…”

I didn’t want to pick the flower, so I focused on the taste already in my mouth.  “I TASTE the blueberry juice, along with the staleness on my tongue.”

Instead of rubbing the petals to pick up any sound, I put attention to my surroundings.  “I HEAR cars passing by, the gusts of wind through the corridor…”

This practice in sensory awareness took maybe 2-3 minutes, and I just focused on the now, without labeling if I liked something or not.  When I was over, I took my intentional breath in and out, and ended with a Thank-you, and then went on my way.  I continued the practice in motion. My body was now in the moment, enjoying the surroundings with more clarity and aliveness.  I could feel the hard cement, and the way my feet hit the pavement.  I noticed the different green colors in the leaves and plants that I passed, and I heard the dance music in someone’s car.  Time was slowing, even though my pace was probably the same as it was before getting grounded and present.

You have three minutes lovely beings!  Find something, and enjoy, through your senses, the Beauty that exists everywhere!:)



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