The Blame Game

What I’m about to say, may or may not cause a synaptic knee jerk reaction.

You know the one … where someone says something and automatically you think they are an asshole.

They don’t do it on purpose, but it’s just their nature.

Nature or nurture , I don’t think it matters.
Aloof to the code of good or bad. Right and wrong. Just and unjust. How dare they … but dare they do.

They don’t consciously have to think about it: it’s akin to you or me breathing in and out. But they are not like you or me – they are them, or that. We are on our side of the fence, and they are over on their side.

Whenever we think about them, without any effort what so ever on their part; they majestically make the transformation.

10 000 hours to master this skill . Talk about dedication and desire – that should count for something. They showed up on a daily basis. They kept on Truckin.
Think of all the daily training they have done, to stand before us in all their splendid glory. They reflect and resonate to us: what a proper asshole should look like.

All boxes checked. Perfect score.
It isn’t credit or credos  that we should extend, but compassion. They are a cursed lot. They are cursed to take the same path time after time; step after step. Once again, ready to  check all the boxes, receive that perfect score, and make the effortless transformation right before our very eyes. Careful if you blink, you may miss the kick, and are left standing right in the middle of our beliefs creating our evidence.

As Always My Predicament is Myself.



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