Stretching for Runners and Tri Geeks

Here are some great stretches to help you absorb more of your training load. Make sure to complete these stretches after you have ticked the training session for the day.


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Here are a few guidelines for stretching:

1) Complete after training – we don’t want to limit our potential power output. Flexibility training may effect actin and myosin cross bridge cycling. Think more dynamic movements that mirror the neuromuscular movement patterns of your training session.
2) Do not apply too much tension to your stretch. The muscle will protect itself by contracting, and will not be relaxed. A muscle can not fire and relax at the same time.
3) Hold each stretch for 30 seconds until you feel the muscle melt, then get into a deeper position. Rinse and repeat two more times.
4) We will not increase our flexibility by doing these stretches once per week. Just like your training you need to be consistent with your flexibility training.
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