Will we ever be satisfied? Part II

We all have time to exercise, but we just choose to fill our time with something else which at that stage is more important to us.  We complain about work, kids, husbands, social, vacation but still … we always have a choice.



We don’t get up in the morning and say – I don’t feel like work today so I’m staying in bed.  Doesn’t matter if I have a hangover today or if I’m on my period or whatever the reason may be – we go to work. You don’t say – ‘I don’t feel like being with my kids today’ and leave them alone all day. Even though you don’t feel like it – you still get the kids dressed, fed and take them to school. You start watching a good TV series. You stay up late and watch a whole season in one weekend (thank you Walter White) – because it’s important to you at that time.

Roz3We can all make fitness and health important to us because it is. Everyone has time for fitness. Even if it’s just 20 minutes a day to fit it in between the things we do. We can start with something short but I bet you in time you will make time for more – you will feel better and realize how it helps you in every other aspect in your life.

Fitness and health should be a big goal in everyone’s life and not just for you but also the people around you. Everyone wants to feel good and healthy otherwise everything else in life is harder. (Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, picking up your kids or playing with your grandkids, walking up stairs, running after your 2 year old, dancing in the night club, tying your shoelaces, getting in and out of bath or shower, getting off the coach without someone having to pull you up, being pregnant and so much more). You want more energy and it’s contagious.

For example, a grandchild doesn’t understand why  grandma/grandpa can’t walk to the sandcastle they want to show off.   Everyone wants their parents, grandparents and friends to live longer so they can spend more time with them … why not at least try to live longer??  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain being healthy.


If you do it right – it will take time

Once more because this is important – if you do it right – it will take time.

We are so used to instant change and we get impatient. We send an email and it gets sent and received immediately. It wasn’t that long ago ( in the big picture) that a letter would take weeks to get from A-B.  We get irritated flying to destinations, but people use to sail on a ship for months instead of a few hours on a plane.  Things around us changed, but our bodies didn’t change much.

Instant is not always a good thing. For example, food we buy on the road or in a tin that we just open. It’s quick and convenient and saves us time, but it’s not the best way to eat and to live longer. We may actually save time but waste ‘life’ time.

Things in the body take time to change. You don’t want the magic button when it comes to fitness. The magic button doesn’t last. You start off and go all in for two weeks or maybe  a month. What happens then?

Roz4You realize it’s not ’real life’ and you can’t keep it up.  You want to make up for everything you ’lost’ during this time.

You need to find a way so it can become a lifestyle, something important and a habit … like brushing your teeth every day.

It’s something you’ll have to work on and that is ok. We work on everything in life – that is normal. We want to be clean we wash ourselves every day.

We fill our car with gas when it’s empty, we brush our teeth every day, we feed our body every day.

You can’t change something once and expect it to stay that way.



As long as you keep moving you’ll get there. You don’t want to sprint up the stairs and get there not being able to talk or needing to lie down. You want to reach your goal and feel good. One step at a time and you will get there.

Find something you enjoy. It doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy. You can enjoy something but it can still be hard and challenging. Our body responds to challenge. You find your passion and love your work but there will be days when you just want to give up. Such is life – but lucky for us, things change. The ‘bad’ eventually gets ’good’. Somehow we don’t always realize but we learn something during that time and we appreciate the ’good’ so much more too.

So what do you enjoy doing or perhaps you can learn something new?  The list of possibilities is almost endless, walking, hiking, cycling, dancing, skiing, treadmill, soccer, hockey, tennis, swimming, group classes, roller blading … there is an endless list of activities which gets your body moving). If you enjoy something it will be easier to start and continue. You can also make it fun (be creative). Choose activities that can become a habit in life.


We need to build habits. We built habits every day both (’good’ and ’bad’) without even noticing. We create neural pathways with everything we do repetitively. We don’t think about walking, sitting, brushing teeth – but we had to learn, start from scratch and ‘practice’ a long time before it became a habit … repetition is necessary. We build muscle memory. You learn how ride a bike and you never really forget it – it will just feel a bit awkward when you don’t do it for a while, but it comes back easily. So start building neural pathways and muscle memory so fitness can become a healthy and balanced habit. It takes a minimum of twenty-one days to create a habit but the more time we do an activity, the easier it will be to take action to when you don’t even think about it anymore.

The Cave that you fear to enter holds the Treasure that you seek. Joseph Campbell


There are tons of benefits when you are active.

  • You secrete the “happy hormone”,
  • your stress levels come down,
  • you sleep better,
  • you will want to eat healthier because your body will want and need nutrients,
  • you’ll have more energy,
  • you’ll concentrate better,
  • you’ll concentrate better … (just seeing if you are paying attention ☺),
  • controls weight,
  • increase immune system,
  • improve sex life,
  • live longer,
  • reduce risks of illness (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many more),
  • reduce feelings of depression and anxiety,
  • build and maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints.


For older people the benefits are – build strength and balance which will reduce the risk of falling, be active and healthy for longer, reduce back pain, weight training reduce osteoporosis, improve the mind, brain, memory and learning and plenty more.

You can have many of these benefits … BIG BONUS !!

Take home message – it’s a WIN WIN



Balance – Women’s Program

Life is about finding our bliss. It’s not about being consumed by diet and exercise. It’s about finding ourselves in the confusion of day to day life. Let’s face it, life does get in the way sometimes – and what I want to help you with is finding the energy to help you follow your bliss.

The best gift we can give ourselves is our health and vitality -and the way to that is through balance. So are you ready for a hearty yes to the adventure?

Direction to the small steps along the way.



Direction to action