Will we ever be satisfied? Part III

Nutrition is very important and it can be very simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to listen to your body, eat a balanced diet and keep it simple.


It is important to get all food groups in and to not skip meals. It is the fuel we need to do everything – it’s our energy. Eating too much or too little food can both impact our body negatively.

Ensure you eat protein, carbs and fat in with every meal. Your body needs it all. Protein helps build the muscle, carbs gives us the energy we need and the ‘good fat’ helps to control your mood, improve mental health, help with fatigue and even helps control weight.


Here is a quick easy guide to follow

 What should I eat? How about starting with what we already know we shouldn’t eat !!!!



If it comes from the ground = good.

If it has different colours -green/yellow/red/orange = good

If it rhymes with flute or wedgies = good

If it comes from a box not so good

If it’s white = not so good

If a serving size is the size of your fist = good

Supersize me = RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the beginning it may be very hard to be consistent, particularly when something gets in the way  – life gets in the way but treat your health as an important priority. Get a calendar and plan ahead two days or a week; what will you do and when? When you are done – tick it off. It is so simple but man it feels good ticking something off to say – yep, done that ☺


It’s a good motivator. Make appointments with friends to train with. Think of ways to help you be consistent that works for you. Write your goals down and remember why you are doing it. If you fall off the wagon – don’t be too hard on yourself. Just get back on track and look forward. Don’t waste your energy beating yourself up. Be flexible – things happen.

Roz9.jpgSpend time in nature.  Even if it’s not for training – it motivates us and gives us energy. There is nothing as beautiful and amazing to start your day outside and even better seeing the sun come up or go down. It is so tough getting out of bed but it’s always worth it. It helps starting the day with nature, beauty and fresh air.  We seem more at peace and the day flows more easily.  It’s also nice ending the day watching the sun go down. We tend to forget the stress of the day in nature.

As women we are very scared of resistance (weight) training and we have no reason to be. You are not going to get all pumped up with big muscles (unless it’s your intention to do body building or something). It’s far from it. You will get stronger, firmer and toned. Some might gain some weight in kilograms which is because muscle weighs more than fat so that is a good thing. The stronger the muscle, the faster your metabolism which means you burn fat quicker – bonus !!!

There are a ton of benefits and everyone should do some resistance training especially when we get older (BTW it’s important to know what you are doing so you don’t injure yourself).

There are many benefits of an effective program  – reduce stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of PMS and risk for diabetes, increase HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce LDL (bad cholesterol), lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and breast cancer (by reducing high estrogen levels).  Not only that – resistance training can decrease colds and illness, increase muscle strength, power and endurance while making everyday tasks easier.  You can also increase your flexibility to avoid muscle injuries and lower back pain which means you will be less likely to get injuries due to strengthening the muscles and tendons (for example the back and knee).

Your resting metabolism will increase, your body shape will change in time (you’ll loose cm’s) and your body fat ratio will decrease improving your posture and your state of mind.  Resistance training will also prevent or reduce the chances of contracting osteoporosis. We lose bone density as we get older and the right resistance training will assist you in staying strong even as we get older. You can actually start reversing the ageing process. As little as two times a week for 20 – 30 min will have benefits.

Flexibility is also very important. Stretch and do some yoga –  here are some of the benefits: reduce stress and helps with proper posture, prevent loss of mobility as we get older, makes everyday tasks easier (for example just getting out of bed), it will enhance all other training, improve balance,and help to reduce stress.



You can do stretching even when you are sick.

Just take it easier and it will help getting the toxins and “sickness” out of your body quicker;  helps with the flow of things.

So – how about we make health important to us and make time to move our bodies.

We all deserve it.



Balance – Women’s Program

Life is about finding our bliss. It’s not about being consumed by diet and exercise. It’s about finding ourselves in the confusion of day to day life. Let’s face it, life does get in the way sometimes – and what I want to help you with is finding the energy to help you follow your bliss.

The best gift we can give ourselves is our health and vitality -and the way to that is through balance. So are you ready for a hearty yes to the adventure?

Direction to the small steps along the way.



Direction to action