Process vs. Outcomes

Learning New Tricks …… Process vs. Outcomes

What does it take to reach the top of your proverbial mountain and achieve your big ,”neon lights a flashing audacious” goals?

Craig was the 200m Butterfly World Record Holder from 1980-1984 , points out that the key isn’t the intensity of effort but consistency. How can what I’m doing right NOW fuel the next step in the process .



I think that a lot of us get wrapped up in this notion that we need a massive intensity of effort and fail to realize that the real magic is in the consistent constancy. It’s a process of a thousand small steps, not one massive leap to the top of the mountain. There is no extraordinary cosmic snap of the fingers, but rather extraordinary results from the consistent ordinary small steps. The most important step is the one right Now, under your feet. This is the step that will lead to the subsequent effect of a domino chain reaction.

Bob Bowman, coach of Michael Phelps, likes to get his swimmers to focus on WIN -Whats important Now. Right now is the only thing that we have any control over, and its what we should be focused on that will lead to the subsequent next step. Want to get to the top of your proverbial mountain, focus on the most important step; the one thats under your feet right now.