Permission To Shine

The fear of failure and making mistakes can stop most people dead in their tracks.

What do you think stops most people from taking action? It has nothing to do with talent, ability , money , or even age. Most people will not take that all important step forward because they are afraid of failure and need to be perfect. I know Im not the only person who has ever said “I know what to do I just have to do it?

Lets give ourselves some credit, its no secret what we need to do .We have read the books ,listened to the podcasts, we know the mantras, and even done the seminars.We are smart intelligent people, but its that golf ball in the throat type fear(F#$% -Everything And- Run ) of failure that turns us into instant statues. We get so afraid because we are afraid.

We kid ourselves that we need to have the perfect plan to start. We might even tap into the illusion that we need to be perfect before we can start. Perfectionism is a very sly trick we play on ourselves that tells us – we are in control, safe and very secure.

What if we finally say enough is enough. What if we finally give ourselves permission to live life on our terms. Read how Nicole is moving with the fear of uncertainty, and realizing that more discomfort really means that she is expanding outside her comfort zone.



My Amazing life changing Journey…

So here I sit at the age of 42, reflecting upon my life. Every aspect of my life, my past, present and future. I am truly blessed every single day, with an amazing husband, two gorgeous teenage boys and my 4 fur babies.

My past is certainly what has shaped me into the person I am today. My past threw so many curve balls and long, hard and dark moments at me. I thought it was normal to feel tired, forlorn, depressed and anxious. I thought it was normal to have constant headaches and fall asleep by 7pm in the evening. I thought it was normal to feel sad so often and to struggle to keep up a brave face, wanting people to look at me and think “Wow, look how strong she is”. There were times when the dark cloud took over and all I wanted was to curl up and sleep forever… I was on medication for many years, for a heart that has irregular beat and for migraines that took over my life too often. Lack of Hormones in my body also caused me to enter menopause at the young age of 35, causing all sorts of side effects and ailments in my body, such as hives, acne, constant loose tummy, to name a few. The last and final straw came last year when I was diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. The solution? Another tablet of course… At the time I was desperate so I graciously accepted the tablet with open arms. I became a new person within a month. I had boundless energy, I no longer felt forlorn, tired and despondent all the time. I now had a taste of what it was like to actually feel “normal” and realize that what I was feeling for all those many years was absolutely not normal!

This feeling lasted for all of 6 months. I then noticed a decline in energy and mood and the fear set in, as I did not want to go back to that dark “abnormal” place ever! When consulting with my doctor, the answer was to increase my dose of anti-depressants. This is when it hit me really hard, there absolutely has to be another way. I do not want to put any more chemicals into my body.

After making a firm decision, I decided with the Doctor’s help, to ween myself off all my medication. This was actually easier than I thought it would be. The second step was going on a complete cleanse to restore balance in my mind, body and soul. This journey took me to a very special place in Thailand, where I spent 10 days detoxing and healing, with the help of some extremely helpful, special professionals. The 10 days was a very rigorous time of being on a full fast for 7 days with only fibre shakes, water, clear chicken broth at night, as well as a bunch of prescribed vitamins, such as Flora and Charcoal, Acidophilus, Magnesium etc. allowed. This enables the body to navigate its way safely through the detox process in a wholesome way. After 7 days, I was then introduced to delicious raw food for 3 days, which was an amazing taste sensation, being able to really enjoy the taste of every single mouthful, as your senses are so heightened. The program also consisted of Colonic cleanses twice per day, yoga, mountain walks, beach visits, inspirational talks and Thai massages. I came away from my time lighter ;-), completely renewed in every aspect, energized, happy and content and able to see the world through clear eyes. This was in April 2016…

I cannot believe that I sit today, 6 months later, having gone down such an incredible journey and I look at myself and my life with completely fresh eyes, giving me a whole new perspective on my life and a great sense of purpose.

I now reflect upon my present and my future, which brings me to the next chapter of my life and what I want to achieve. I have grown so much through this healing journey and this is what I want to share with people.

My mind is calm, clear and focused on always getting the best out of every day. My path is laid out for me and I have begun my next phase by studying and achieving my certificates in Personal Training and Indoor Cycling Instructing. Possibly the most challenging thing I have ever done, both physically and mentally, but at the same time the most exhilarating and rewarding too! My studies will not stop there, the advanced level in Personal training as well as Nutrition are both next. I want to share with people, my journey, and help and guide them on their own fitness, health and nutrition journey, whether they have any past dis ease or not.

And so, my journey carries on, one step at a time…realizing that no matter what, you are never too old to grab opportunities and turn them into fruitful, positive experiences. You are never too old to learn new things. Embrace everything in life, all the obstacles, challenges and little miracles that appear each and every day. Be grateful for these experiences, although you might not see it at the time, this is what shapes us…giving up is never an option!

In Health and Fitness, Nicole xx


What are you waiting for?

“The difference between those people “living their potential” and those who don’t, is not the amount of potential itself, but the amount of permission they give themselves  to live in the present”.

– Marianne Williamson