Here at OLD DAWG we believe that all of us have an untapped potential, and are limited only by the barriers we impose on ourselves. Your results will be dependent on you; but we can help open that door, with experienced educated guidance and support.


If you do believe that GOOD ENOUGH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH then this is the place for you.


OLD DAWG believes in getting past all the ‘BS’ out there about fitness and training. The ‘BS’ is not “out there“, but in our own minds, because we accept it as truth. Now it’s time for no more BS!! There are no short cuts. More is not always better. There isn’t a magic pill. There is no magic bullet workout. One size does not fit all. Indecision is not a destination.


Our Story

At OLD DAWG, we offer training programs to help with enhancing your performance and fitness goals. Each training program is specific to optimize your performance; and we strive to find a sustainable healthy balance for your performance goals.


Can you teach an old dog a new trick?

Whether you answer yes or no, you are correct. You, not me, creates your reality. That is the power / essence that Old Dawg captures. That power that we give our own reality. A sense of personal responsibility.

We look at how you can turn that ‘I CAN’T’ into an ‘I CAN’. For too long, we have been in the problem mind-set and we need to learn new tricks to get us into the solution mind-set. We believe we can change!


I’ll be brutally honest, OLD DAWG is not for everyone – and that’s cool. If you would rather point the finger instead of looking in the mirror and taking responsibility then this is not for you.


You are more than welcome to take what you like and leave the rest.



Don’t let the name Old Dawg fool you. I get it – the name does lend itself to certain assumptions .


Old Dawg = old /mouldy / stale / past it’s prime / written off / need a time out to catch my breath / sit on my wrinkly ass and let life pass me by…

I came up with the name because it captures the essence of transformation. The power to change rests solely on our own shoulders. Taking personal responsibility for change. Can an old dog learn new tricks is really asking myself – Can I change?

Can I let go of the old and embrace the new. Do I have the courage to let go of the security and comfort of my old paradigms – Talk is cheap so can I be accountable to follow through on creating the change that I want to see in myself.

Or will I let inertia and fear continue to lead me around my domesticated comfort zone.

Did you mean that the name OLD DAWG might lend itself to certain assumptions that Old Dawg coaching is just for … OLD PEOPLE. The old. The mouldy. The stale.


Old compared to what?

It’s not my job to tell anyone that they are Old – that’s something that I’ll leave up to you, to decide for yourself. All I can offer is that old, mouldy, and stale have more to do with a state of mind rather than how many candles get blown out every year.


What is with the Cartoon Dog?

That my friends, is Coach – the OLD DOG. He is our old way of thinking. A reminder of our old paradigms. Coach wants us to keep playing by his old rules.


You know the ones I’m talking about – all that BS we used to tell ourselves about why we can’t do something. He is our master and let me tell you, he would love nothing more than to keep us domesticated. Marking his territory all over our comfort zone.

Coach is my reminder that we don’t drown because of the water – we drown because we stop swimming – so COACH you take a lap I’ve got it from here !!!!