Maybe Nietzsche was Right

It may surprise some people that the actual gains that we make from our training loads happens not during the actual training, but when we are recovering.


Absorbing the Training Load

Recovery is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of training. Something that I have been guilty of in the past.

Do not fool yourself YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK – there are no shortcuts or magic pills. There is no reap without the sow. Gains happen  over consistent training. If you are not taking responsibility for your own training and  recovery – then you are neglecting an important component of performance. The work / training is the stimulus that leads to the physiological adaptations.

Maybe you are not working hard enough. You know what you are right. What are you doing to enhance the recovery process. What are you doing to ensure that what doesn’t kill you does indeed make you stronger?




Here are some tips that can help with enhancing YOUR recovery process

1. Thought out training plan that incorporates enhanced recovery blocks -ie decrease eccentric loading
2. Ensure adequate sleep each night 7-8 hrs
3. What’s your nutrition strategy ? Processed carbs , caffeine , and sugar will not get the job done
4. Meditation
5. Do not try and make up for missed sessions
6. Easy days / hard days
7. Listen to that voice that tells you to back off a little -Trust the process it’s ok
8. Active recovery
9. Yoga
10. Find what works best for YOU -this is crucial!
Hope this helps , would love to hear how these tips have worked out for you

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