Negativity no longer serves me

I have been very intimate with negative loop thinking.  Days, weeks, and I’m sure years have been given away as I was caught in a story, spinning out of control on why I was wronged, why things sucked, why I was better then everyone else, or even why I wasn’t good enough, etc.

I didn’t understand all the potential factors that triggered it, hormonal, environmental, social, spiritual, etc, and I didn’t know how to recognize, manage, and actually shift it.

At this point, it’s rare that I’m caught in the persistent loop, though admittedly I can still have negative thoughts, and when I do I try to come back into my body, and out of my story.

Though we may be unable to pinpoint the reasons as to why we are negative, we can decrease the severity and actually shift the pattern through practice.  Here are two ways to help you get started.


1: Use the breath!

I use my breath to help me, always: I breathe in. And then I breathe out. Deeply. I breathe in, slowly and steadily, expanding my chest in all directions, and then I breathe out, slowly and steadily.

I do this over and over to come into my body, to become more relaxed. It’s free, always with you, and extremely important. Just breath.


2: I’m Thankful and Grateful For…

When a negative thought or the attached story wants to surface, try to became aware of the thought and bring it back to the “I Am Thankful and Grateful For… exercise”.  (Just write down and feel into what you are really thankful for; give yourself ten minutes, or a page worth. Or just do it in your head, depending on the situation).

Maybe at first it is being thankful for your senses, maybe places you’ve been to, people you care about or have been inspired by, your body parts, the ceiling above you; just start scanning your room or place and find one thing, and then another.  Sometimes, it can take quite awhile to finish a page, because the blaming or shaming story wants to be at the forefront, or it takes no time at all because your just listing things, and want to finish the exercise.

Gently and with love, bring your attention back to body, slow down your breath, and write, say it in your mind, or out loud, “I AM THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR…I AM THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR….”  Breath slowly and continue…. “I AM THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR…..I AM THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR…

You may feel more calmness and sincere gratitude shifting from being in victim mode feeling unable to change the situation, to being more empowered.

Also, just try this practice everyday.  I do this practice on my walk to work, to come from a generative place, to feel a spark for life.  Or when I am bored waiting in lines.  Try it and see if you get more connected!

This week, see if can first catch the negative thoughts, and if you can become aware of them try one or both of the above practices.  I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try them out.:)



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