Every one needs some motivation. We all get off track from time to time. Just remember – it is hard for everyone.

The one’s who make it look easy, are busy with the doing. The thinking about it is the easy part, but the doing, that’s when the real work starts. Let’s see if we can make a subtle shift from the thinking into the doing.




10 tips to stay on track  


1) Write down your big dreams / goals  

This makes it more real. Remember – all of us deserve for our goals and dreams do come true. It’s good for us and everyone else. Dream BIG !!! You’ll be surprise what we can do: you’ll even surprise yourself.

We all have different goals. Doesn’t matter if you want to run a marathon , get off the couch ,or improve your diet . If you write the goal down, it’s a desire / in your heart & that makes it important to you. There is a reason you have that desire. It’s a direction.

2) Ask yourself – Is this MY goal? 

Do you do this for yourself or someone else or to proof something … You need to make sure – it’s a 100% YOUR goal. You will be much more dedicated if you do it for yourself .

You deserve it.

Respect yourself enough to go for your dreams. It’s good for you & every single person around you.

3) Break down the big goals into smaller steps 

This is really important. We get overwhelmed just looking at the starting point. The starting point is something we can’t avoid.The first step is sometimes the hardest.

We had to learn how to walk, brush our teeth, tie our shoes etc… We got there by taking little small steps. Just look at the next step. Keep the big goal in mind & why you doing it but concentrate only on the step ahead.

4) Get the right support 

Who is on your support team. 1236114_10151880978755867_434309810_n.jpgGet those cheerleaders in line. Tell someone about your goals. You can even ask them to remind you & ask you if you are working toward your dreams.

Tell the right people  

Ignore the can’t s of other people  – there will always be someone telling you that you can’t do something. Just remember that they are just projecting their sense of reality onto you. It really doesn’t have anything to do with you.

You want someone who wants you to reach your goals, who will be supportive & happy for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

5) Make dates 

Meet someone with similar goals. It’s harder to quite or to put it off if you make a promise to someone. Do it with someone. Join clubs, groups, chat rooms etc…Remember that you are also making a huge commitment to yourself by honouring these dates.

6) Why are you doing this ?

Ask yourself -why are you doing this. Think about how it will feel when you will reach the big dream or goal.

Feel that feeling as often as you can. The brain doesn’t know the difference if you are feeling this in the now or in the future .

7) Inspire yourself

You can get inspiration through people, books, movies, songs, documentaries, quotes wherever you see them often, affirmations …Important to get a hit when you feel you need it.

8) Have fun 

Remember that it’s about the journey and not the destina404380_10151134891785037_593957085_n.jpgtion. Make your goals fun, mix it up a bit – we have a tendency to make things very serious. Serious and overthinking sometimes go hand in hand . Overthinking is a great way to stay off track. Lighten things up and smile . With that one smile you have just released a huge dose of serontonin. Share that smile with someone else and voila : two doses of serontonin.

9) Take a time out  

Sometime we just need to take some time out. Take a rest if your body needs it. Overextended and fried is not optimal . Remember – it’s not a race. We need to enjoy our moments.

10) Celebrate & pat yourself on the back 

Celebrate every single moment & small step & goal. Tell yourself what a good job you did in your session this morning or just for showing up. Give yourself compliments, have a little scream of joy, feel proud.

Remember – it’s not a race or competition with others. It’s your journey. We all have our own path & time. Enjoy the whole journey. Don’t just enjoy the moment you reach your goal – enjoy it every moment.



Share that smile today !