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I’ve been on a very intentional journey to wholeness for the last twenty years, helping thousands of people in the public health and nonprofit sector, engaging in life-affirming practices and learning from incredible spiritual and social justice teachers from all over the world.  I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunities and people that have crossed my path as I continue to go deeper into this authentic sacred SELF.

Some examples that have profoundly influenced the way I flow in life is learning mindfulness while at Thich Nhat Hanh’s monastery, understanding craving and aversion in the body with Vipassana Meditation in Cambodia, uncovering the sacred feminine while receiving my yoga teacher certification in India, taking 100% responsibility for my life, learning how to surrender to what is, as well as working with pioneering woman that have helped me recognize that our sexuality/sensuality is included in our wholeness.

I’ve also discovered that we transform when we get honest about our distractions, and the shadow aspects of our selves that may be greatly influencing our Life.  Through a dark-night-of-the-soul-process, I could no longer ignore my unmanaged stress, anxiety, perfectionism, unhealthy relationship with alcohol, and the inability to have nourishing and supportive relationship with others, and especially with myself.  Maybe you can relate. These experiences have allowed me to go to the roots of my suffering, to understand, heal, and finally be in transformation.

I can tell you from my incredible journey and to the moment to moment practices, that Life is indeed magical, YOU are indeed incredible, and vibrant, even in chaos; and we are here to truly be ALIVE, and be lit up!  Do we fall, yes? Do we make mistakes, yes? Do we go off course, yes? Do we experience pain and struggle, yes, but all of this is just part of the amazing practice as we learn to source love from within and connect to our greater world.

After living in Asia for three years, I recently have settled in a beautiful coastal town on the west coast of USA, with my loving husband.  Here I teach mindfulness, yoga, and empowerment practices that support and nourish our mind/body/heart/soul connection.  I also help others thrive in my position in the mental health field. I am here to share my love of life and stories, as well as the profound ancient and pioneering practices that have had an impact in my life in hopes to inspire you to RECOVER your amazing self on your unique path.



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