Joy of Present Moment

“The Present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

There are days my mind and body resist so much to just sit for five minutes, but I do. I do even when there is a battle going on inside my head, and I have these saboteurs saying I don’t need to sit, coaxing me to do something else.  As many of you know, our internal saboteurs are very crafty knowing our individual and unique weakness.  I am thankful that after meditating close to twenty years, I know that just persevering a little more, resistance will subside, and in its place there is possibility for clarity, deep connection, beauty, and joy.  I sit to recognize wholeness.

So every day I take at least 10 minutes, sometimes 20, 40, maybe 60 minutes, and sit on my cushion or in my chair, drop my shoulders, allow my spine to be comfortably straight, relax my belly, close my eyes and begin to pay attention to what is right now, in this moment without judgment of being good or bad, just what is.  If I take some days off of having a sitting practice, I notice that I am more irritable, less tolerant, not as thoughtful or reflective, and certainly am more stressed.  I sit to rediscover my SELF.



Amazingly when we start to meditate and be mindful of the Present moment, we allow the future(can sometimes be wrapped in anxiety) and past thinking(can sometimes be wrapped in depression) to drop away, and start to learn to finally relax. We meditate to get a deeper sense of reality, of what really is.

Also, we can start to learn to identify the stories and reactions looping, and come back to the sensations within our body. With dedication to the practice, we gain tools to transform our patterns that have caused us suffering.  I sit to understand and embody more.


I’m excited and thankful to introduce you to many different ways one can meditate and be mindful, and how practicing meditation can connect you deeper to yourself, others, LIFE.  We are each on a unique and yet much interconnected journey and I encourage you to be curious and explore deeper the ways that resonate and light you up.  With an open mind and open heart, you’ll discover so much more, and i’m so excited to be on this journey with you.





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