From Ironman training to Iron Training

Last year my goal was do do an Ironman. To reach this goal, I needed to make some massive changes in my training and in my approach to tackling this challenge…

Long vs. Short Sessions

…My whole life style had to change. I needed more time to train, the nutrition to sustain all the hours of training, and the most important and often neglected -recovery.

I needed to build an enormous endurance base that could sustain me through the gruelling day.

irontrain1I had to increase my training volume . Unfortunately , more volume also meant more stress. More training ( a lot more training ) and the stress of life meant more cortisol which is not the ideal hormone for optimal health . My body was under stress most of the time. But I had to put the hours in if I wanted to reach my goal. I usually did 3 swims, 3 bikes, 3 runs, 2 gyms & yoga in one week. Some sessions were short,with higher intensity, but for the most part the training was built on long slow endurance training.

Personally, I had a tough time as I always felt tired when I was not training, my body shape changed, my immune system was down a lot as I put so much stress on the body to get it all done( training volume with all the others  of my life).

After I reached my goal I wanted a more balanced healthy life. I just wanted to be fit & healthy & keep in shape with the minimum of training so I had lots of energy & time left for all my other goals. I wanted balance in all areas of my life. Oh ya – and push a scooter or two up a hill.



We can train as little as 30 – 40 min a day 3-5 time a week and be in good shape & have lots of energy. I toned down on endurance & did more high intensity short workouts.

Sometimes I will be in & out of the gym in less than 30 min with warm up included. By using weights & high intensity training together we can accomplish so much in so little time.

We stimulate the Type II fibres (very important as we get older, click here for more info), It’s a very different type of training then the long slow endurance type workouts. As Darren likes to mention it’s all about getting back our POP and the snap back into our neural drive.



Recovery is very important when we do high intensity training (especially after weight training) as this is when the adaptations take place. Never do 2 very high intensity training sessions after each other. We think we have to do more to get more; but it’s the opposite. Quality is what we are looking for, not quantity (unless you have a sport specific goal).

Depending on your goal – you can be fit, in shape, boost immune system, improve health by using very short high intensity sessions with the right amount of recovery and have time for life itself.

We need the right roadmap to get us to our destination. If your goal is fat loss, do not run to the cardio machines & start running for hours .This will have the opposite effect. Of course ,you’ll build your endurance and you will get more fit but you’re training for the wrong goal. If your goal is weigh loss alone – shorten your session , get more intensity, and do weigh training.

It’s a whole different story if your goal is more sport specific. You need to put in the hours & get the work done if you want to run a marathon, or do a long distance triathlon.

BUT – if your goal is weight loss, being generally health / fit – you don’t need to spend so many hours training. Use your time for other stuff. I’m sure we all have a lot of goals in all areas of life. Depending on life, we have jobs, families & we want to stay healthy with the minimum amount of effort. Balance training , with proper nutrition, and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish. Life is all about finding YOUR balance .

How do you find your balance?

Lots of positive vibes,



In this book you will find 60 challenges. One for each week of the year & some more. Some might seem silly to you but do them anyway. You will change a little bit & usually have a smile on your face after. That is the point – to smile more thought life, enjoy the whole journey & not just when you reach your goals or your dreams.



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