How to Optimize Perfectionism

Have you been waiting and waiting for the “right feelings” and the “right timing” ?

Your wait is over.
Follow this easy recipe from Becky to whip up a SHAZAM smoothie.

You don’t need a ground shaking earth shattering lightening bolt of electricity and the accompanying intensity to zap you into ACTION. Just remember the “right feelings ” are never going to ignite you to start, and the timing is never going to be right.



The most important ingredient TOUGH LOVE.
Settling for the safe and secure of a sure thing called “SOMEDAY”; is a disconnecting opiate.
Stop getting high off your own supply !

Looking for that guaranteed assurance of minimizing pain and discomfort, is a sure fire way to and create some pretty limiting blind spots.

Want a sure thing?

Start putting a bigger wager on yourself.

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