How to Dirty Your Bike

When was the last time that you felt like a kid ? You know back when you would jump on your bike and head down to the Monkey Trails. Who pulled into Seven Eleven with the dirtiest bike won the badge of honour for the day.

Clean , shiny , and new didn’t get you very far in my neighbourhood. Clean and shiny meant that you were not out on the Monkey Trails proving and earning your new-found manhood.

Funny how thirty years later proving and earning your manhood has been the BIGGEST CLEAN and SHINY  and the NEWEST CLEAN and SHINY.

Time to be that Kid again !



Here are some lessons I learned , on an ordinary Sunday morning – that have helped me get back to that feeling of being a kid again and all that CLEAN and SHINY really doesn’t matter . Let’s get down and dirty!


1) Fear is necessary for massive dreams – Yup outside the comfort zone is scary. Trust me, you are not doing anything wrong. How many times did we come home from the Monkey Trails with cuts, scrapped knees, and the odd What’s the capital of Thailand – but that didn’t stop us from heading out to the trails the next day.

2) What’s Easy? When we were kids we hadn’t learned how to talk ourselves out of doing things yet .We believed in the power of the Force, Wookies , and an alien that ate Resses Pieces.

3) Laughing and Smiling – Maybe we should be spending more time on things that make us smile and laugh and less on those that don’t.

4) How Many Waves did you catch – who cares , besides I was too busy enjoying myself then ticking the IF this happens then I can be happy box.

5) Wait 30 mins after you eat – … MOM!

6) Specificity – You know why , we were so good at playing and making up our own games? We played, we made our own rules , and we were not too busy to make play time. We,also, didn’t wait around asking for permission. You get what you train for; stay in the safe and secure or train to push past your comfort zone.

7) Get Out In Nature and Enjoy – enjoy it for what it is , our sense of self is not on the line. Outside your door you have Death Stars, buried treasure, and of course a never-ending playground.

8) Outside the Comfort Zone – Huge Ass Kudos for Jean Marie -for stepping outside his comfort zone and speaking English on camera (he’s only been speaking English for 6 months). Funny thing about comfort zones, is that the more we try to stay safe and secure the more we end up suffocating ourselves.

9) It’s too hard – we both were punished just to get out through the white wash .When we were kids it wasn’t about it’s too hard ; it was based on fun or no fun . Check out the huge ass smiles at the end of the video – there is a bit of a price to pay for fun.

10) Nothing to Prove – the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself. Make up your own rules. Don’t wait around for permission. Most important get out there and get that bike dirty, on those ordinary days.


Which waves will you surf in life? If we waste our time on the bottom feeders, how will we ever be able to ride something truly epic?





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