Hill Work

Time to think outside the box, and take another look at how we do our Hill Work. I guess it isn’t about the bike.

This is great training for developing explosive power in the legs. We finished each rep with really pushing thru the make shift power sled. Really keyed in on accelerating through the sled. Fits in very nicely with my training objectives (more details here).



Very important as we age to not neglect this type of training. Need to incorporate explosiveness into our training blueprint, and have the ability to tolerate higher levels of lactate. Also, think a little higher up the chain of command: Neural Drive. Just remember what we don’t use we will lose.



Need to be very careful that we are able to absorb this type of training, that is where optimal recovery and planning, enter into the equation.

Huge ass thanks to Jean Marie (a 50 plus Old Dawg) who stepped up to the plate and got it done.

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