Hero of Your Own Story

We all love a great story. The story that captures our imagination with; a tale of a hero, adversity , and our hero triumphing over adversity. It sparks hope, that one day we can be courageous and heroic and become the hero of our own story. Hope is the spark for something better and a massive bleep on our EKG.

Without the hope of something better we would simple shrug our shoulders and proclaim “It’s good enough “.

Stale and uninspired are synonymous with being a bystander in life.

We are talking about the Hero’s Story and for that we need to resuscitate the belief that we all have the capacity to be passionate about life.

Never forget that Passion and Conviction is a Force Multiplier.

What you focus on expands.

Hero’s care and have compassion, and create a ripple effect with those they come in contact with .

Hero’s focus and thrive on collaboration and cooperation vs. competition.

As men, we need to let go of this notion that we are competing with one another .

Let’s be honest, we are competing with our own insecurities, inadequacies and this collective fear of scarcity.

We are not here to tear each other down , but to help one another shine.

Do you really think you have made yourself taller by tearing down another person ?

You are not any taller.

All it takes is one little ripple, to create a massive WAVE.

Instead of asking people how they are Doing ?

Waiting for the  typical response  I’m Fine / I’m good /It’s OK  a rather mis mash of baseline mediocracy .

Ask them what was epic ? Lets focus on what was truly amazing ?

Let’s by pass our default setting of Good Enough and launch ourselves to what we are crushing on a daily basis .

Lets be honest for the vast majority of us we focus on whats going wrong or the good enough . We need to celebrate our victories and focus on what we are crushing.

Not only is passion and conviction a force multiplier , but it is also highly contagious .