Heavier Weight Loads

We need to let go of this myth: that we need to be lifting lighter loads and higher reps.

Rozanne and Karen have a great chat about the need for challenging ourselves with heavier weight loads.



Higher loads and fewer reps will not make us bulky. Higher reps and lighter loads is not the best approach for altering our body composition. The high reps and lighter loads does not promote more “fat loss” or is more conducive for “toning”.

It’s very important , that as we age, we include higher loads that stimulate our Type II muscle fibres. The loss of mobility and strength as we age is something that is preventable (check out  the article on sarcopenia). An increase in our strength, will help with our day to day activities. One of the added bonuses of heavier loads is the neural adaptations.

As an added bonus : Higher loads and multi-joint lifts (squats/ dead lifts /pull ups / db press) will help to increase our body’s ability to produce Growth Hormone (women / and men) – which plays a key role in our increase of fat-free muscle mass and the decrease of our fat stores.

Make sure that you don’t select training loads that are under loading your goals.


Get serious




Karen Beardsley is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in Early Childhood for over 25 years and has worked extensively with children who have Autism, Sensory Motor learning problems and Developmental Delays.

Rozanne Du Preez has a Sports Science degree from Stellenbosch South Africa. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to fitness and training.