Guide to Stretching

Can you touch your toes? When was the last time you were able to tickle those hairy little Bilbo Baggins’s on the end of your feet?

Try it right now. No stand up and try it, sitting down and thinking about doing it; is not the same as standing up and doing it.

I can be the Master of sitting down and thinking about doing something. Mental Battle Ship – A1 no L10 … no A1.

Hide it in the bottom right hand corner, nobody would look there.

hobbitfeetBut that’s so obvious – what about top left hand corner. The first square on the game board. Who would think of the obvious. There is something to be said about keeping it simple.

Always trying to stay one step ahead , and not get blown up to Smithereens. They all can’ t be wanting to blow me up to Smithereens …can they?

You sunk my Battleship. Well played – but not well enough.

That is a lot of thinking.


You have yet to still get up and touch those little hairy Hobbit toes.

The key to getting it done -how much space is between the thinking and the doing.

Too much space and nothing gets done.

Take a look down, all the way down to those toes – that’s a pretty big space to fill.

How will you ever be able to touch those toes, without doing the doing. The thinking is the easy part, anybody can think about the doing. But the doing, that is another ing all in itself.

Thinking about what you are doing, can sometimes get in the way of my doing. Once again, there is that gap between the thinking and the doing. This time I’ll fill it with your doing. Your doing, getting in the way of my doing. I could be doing, if it wasn’t for your doing. 

Finger pointing is one of the easiest, doings, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. In fact, you don’t even have to think, you just have to do.

The doing is the hard part. What’s easy about the doing? We have all run smack dab into our own gap between the thinking and the doing.

Trying to create a doing mentality with our thinking mentality. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to get the job done . The gap seems to get bigger and bigger, which at times can lead to more thinking and quit frankly not enough doing.




How many times have you told yourself “I know what to do, I just have to do it” – this was one of my go to lines in meetings for years . I guess to some extent it’s still one of my aces up my sleeve . It’s my pull the fuzzy wuzzy comfie duckie blankie back over my head . The stay in my comfort zone . An extra spacer or two in the gap between the thinking and the doing.

The real secret to stretching and touching your toes … drum roll : DOING.

We don’t need to wait for all the answers, have someone tell us what to do , or think about it anymore. We just need to do. If I was still thinking about what I need to do, then I would have missed out on this earlier this week.

The real stretch is when we are in the midst of the doing. Here is a little help to get past the thinking mentality into the doing mentality.



A little help with the doing