Beach to Beach

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid, when we made up our own rules and were not so concerned with what it meant to be happy.

We didn’t have to tick so many boxes to be happy, and happy definitely was not so wrapped up in this ideal of having to be perfect.





We got out there and played; we got our bikes dirty and we really didn’t worry if anybody was watching. We didn’t associate our self worth with how we moved our bodies . We believed in Death Stars, aliens that ate  Reese’s pieces, and the infinite possibilities of the world outside our front door.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the first Beach to Beach a smashing success.



Being our best will not happen by chance; you need to take action.

This 30 day Challenge is all about taking action. It’s not easy to make the daily commitment to self; but then again what’s easy? That’s why we have laid out an easy to follow step by step action plan. Fitness is more then just the physical. The physical is the easy part, the real work is the emotional and spiritual fitness. Read more +



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