Fear of our Shadows

We need to stop playing hide and seek with our dragons, demons and shadows.

My dragons lurk in the darkness of my shadows.I will do everything and anything to hide these dragons not only from you but most importantly from myself. My dragons: shame, guilt ,anger and blame are really misguided calls for love. Learning the lesson of FORGIVENESS and self acceptance is essential for laying a solid foundation in recovery ( love that is self). We should also accept that forgiveness is an ongoing process, something that we need to choose on a daily basis.We are only as healthy as our darkest and deepest secrets.Only once we get honest with ourselves do we realize that all along we have been running from ourselves.



We can keep blaming fear and our shadows , and repeating the same old narrative of I’m not ______ enough.
So do you think you can teach an old dog a new trick ? Or are you : waiting for permission, or not smart enough , not talented enough , not creative enough , or not heroic enough ? Please feel free to fill in the blank , for yourself , because its not my voice that’s saying you are not ______ enough . Its yours , and its time to own your own voice and shadows. Its time to stop devaluing and rejecting yourself and become the hero of your own story .