Eat what I want

I am doing more training; can I eat what I want? I get that question often.


Unfortunately that is not true. Yes we need more nutrients to sustain harder workouts but we can not eat whatever we want and expect to loose weight. Those flat tummies we all want happens in the kitchen. We will get fitter and stronger but the weight will not drop if we eat whatever we want. If we stick to a balanced nutritious diet we will be able to work out even harder and have more energy as we fuel our bodies with more nutrients.

It’s a combination of everything. Our aim is to build a balanced healthy life style. One good workout or one healthy meal is not going to bring the changes. It’s all the little steps we do every day in every area that will make the lifestyle a reality. The secret is the constant daily reps . 


You’ll feel so good eating a healthy nutritious healthy meal & have much more energy that it will become more exciting to eat those colourful veggies. Keep making those small changes and  soon you’ll be surprise at how quickly those little steps add up .


Lots of positive vibes 




In this book you will find 60 challenges. One for each week of the year & some more. Some might seem silly to you but do them anyway. You will change a little bit & usually have a smile on your face after. That is the point – to smile more thought life, enjoy the whole journey & not just when you reach your goals or your dreams.



Challenge Yourself