Strength Training

It’s really easy to push the panic button and cash in our chips when things are going wrong.

What if we make a very subtle shift , and tap into our inner strength and start asking the right questions. Sometimes, all it takes is just a small nudge, flick , or shift and immediately we can change our current level of thinking.We can immediately take ourselves out of the problem mindset , and put ourselves in the solution mindset .Things don’t happen by chance and we need to start asking the right questions, that will help us to operate from a solution mindset.So the next time that you feel the walls are closing in around you, instead of asking “Why is this happening to me ? ” ask yourself “Why is this happening for me ?”    Don’t forget that the key is in your mind.





Being our best will not happen by chance; you need to take action.

This 30 day Challenge is all about taking action. It’s not easy to make the daily commitment to self; but then again what’s easy? That’s why we have laid out an easy to follow step by step action plan. Fitness is more then just the physical. The physical is the easy part, the real work is the emotional and spiritual fitness. Read more +



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