Learning New Ticks ….. Credibility

Every time that we “flake” out and do not honour our word we lose personal integrity and are once again rejecting and devaluing ourselves. What do you think it takes to start your own clothing company , finish writing that book,living what you ask for ,being of service to others , and most important cultivating a loving and accepting relationship with yourself ? Want to be the hero of your own story.. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO



We need to start asking ourselves one very important question : Am I more concerned with looking great or actually being great ? We have learned not to show any chinks in our armour or show any sign of vulnerability. Character is something that WE need to earn, each and every time that we live our integrity and flex that unwavering belief and faith in ourselves. Don’t keep disconnecting, rejecting ,and devaluing yourself : have the humility and grace to a take that fearful look in the mirror.

Forging our character and credibility is an ongoing process, and it’s naive to think that it would be “happy ever after ” with crossing that magical line in the sand. Do you have any idea how hard it is to slog through the sand when you are carrying shame, guilt , self- judgement and self- condemnation? It can be an impossible and disconnecting journey when we try to be perfect and not get any of the sand trapped between our toes. Playing hide and seek with our insecurities and imperfections behind the wall of perfectioinism is just another misguided way we dont uncondtionaly accept ourselves.Do you really think that you are protecting yourself , by wearing all the different masks? We are so afraid of being rejected, we have forgotten that we have been rejecting ourselves for far too long.
The hidden treasures are not found outside ourselves but are cultivated from within ourselves ; honour your self by honouring your word.