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Alchemy from Adversity


The start of the New Year is always an exciting time for change and clean slates.

Ringing out the old and ringing in the new.

We all love a great story.

The story that captures our imagination with a tale of a hero, adversity , and our hero triumphing over adversity.

It sparks hope ; that one day you can be courageous,heroic and become the hero of our own story. Hope is the spark for something better and a catalyst for one foot after another.

Without the hope of something better we would simply shrug our shoulders and proclaim “IT’S GOOD ENOUGH “, and banish ourselves to the disenchanted land of stale and uninspired.

Stale and uninspired are synonymous with being a bystander in life. Watching the same old predictable movie again and again; knowing and craving exactly how it will end.

Craving the perfect fairy tale ending.

Craving the anemic Fairy tale of Happy Ever After.

The Fairy Tale fit’s perfectly into a contorted conception of right and wrong. Take all the right steps and follow all the bread crumbs on the trail and you will be rewarded with success. The perfect next move.

The perfect formula concocted  for control and certainty. The perfect arithmetic for justice and fairness.The perfect formula and strategy  for avoiding “failure and mistakes”. The hope that this magical formula or the perfect plan  will exonerate  and shelter us from adversity and from the Evil Sorcerer  The Fear of Failure .

Before you protest “That’s not Me “ , just remember that your best thinking is what has lead you to the protest in first place. All boxes checked and a perfect score.

You think we can outthink it , with yet another perfect plan,  tunnel vision and focus .But like any fairy tale we need the villain / the dragon / the adversity . We cant be courageous and heroic without these dragons of fear.

Have you ever stopped to think that failures and mistakes are a necessary part of the process ?

So instead of avoiding the dragons , goblins , and fear thank them for allowing you to become the Hero of your own story.


It’s not turning out how you planned?

How did you ever expect to clean you slate without running into a few Brick walls or some adversity?

Make that instant change from being part of the problem into the solution.


Ask Yourself Why is this Happening for Me?


We are going to get knocked down and run into Brick Walls. The Brick walls are not to keep us out, but as Glenn Sparv points out, they ask us How Bad Do We want it!

Great lesson from Randy Pausch and the The Last Lecture.

Connect with Glenn@http://www.glennsparv.com

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