“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” Rumi

Blisters and running go hand in hand. If you want to avoid blisters, don’t bother putting on your running shoes.

I took all my usual precautions, but still ended up with this little nugget on the end of my toe.

I checked all my boxes and thought I had the perfect plan to avoid the blisters.

Wasn’t the perfect plan supposed to guarantee success?

Eliminate all blisters.

It’s time to make a pivot and start reevaluating success. Learn a few new tricks.

The Perfect Plan was the ace up my sleeve.

Eliminate all chances of rubbing my ouches. Save me from the pain and feelings of discomfort.

Guess what ?

Trying to be perfect didn’t prevent the blister. Each time I rub the blister, it causes a lot of irritation.

The irritation comes from this anemic Fairy Tale that being perfect will eliminate blisters.

The great thing about blisters is the formation of fortified skin.