Learning New Tricks …… Arambhashura.

Arambhashura, not only a bit of tongue twister , is the Sanskrit word for Hero at the Start .
We have all been there : the start of a new project ; the start of our book ; the start of a new relationship ; the start of the new me – we start off with a massive amount of intensity and conviction. This time it will be different , a ground shaking earth shattering lightening bolt of electricity and the accompanying intensity. But what usually happens is that the electricity fizzles out and once again we are left standing and clutching our uncertainty and wondering :How did this happen again ? I mean we are such great starters ? Why is it that we can be so heroic and so courageous at the start and fizzle towards the end line. Starting and Finishing are not the same ING.

What we fail to realize is that we are going to run into speed bumps , road blocks and the brick walls . Remember the Brick walls are not there to keep us out, they are there to ask us how bad do we want it . When you feel yourself fizzling out, remember this one very important ingredient that fear is the key ingredient to courage. We cant have any courage without any fear. The Brick Walls are also an enormous opportunity for growth and to forge character and personal responsibility.

Its the feelings of fear that can absolutely paralyze people. We encounter these uncomfortable feelings and right away start to question and doubt ourselves. What we need to learn is to have the courage to walk with our fears and insecurities . Lets also give ourselves some credit , it takes an enormous amount of doubt to forge our character .Character is not something that you can hack or download from the app store. Character is something you have to earn. If you don’t want to feel any fears and discomfort then stay in the safe and secure, trust me its very comforting and secure ending up at the exact same start and finish line. If you are willing to be courageous and heroic then get ready for some uncertainty , fear , and doubt and a brand new starting line. The finish line ? I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.