71 for 71

71 pull ups for his 71st birthday.

You may have thought of cake and ice cream for your birthday, but we do things a little differently to celebrate another brand spanking new year of kicking the crap out of life.

We had a great effort for the 71 for 71 challenge and here is the legend himself with his 71 pull-ups :



Why wait until Tom’s 72nd birthday to jump on board, besides it will mean one extra pull up. We want to challenge you; join us in this epic trial of 71 pullups in one session. You can break it down into as many sets and rep combos untill you hit the elusive 71 pullups. We would love for you to share your session with us, and challenge two friends to join you for 71 for 71.  Upload your video to Facebook and share it with us on Old Dawg Coaching.

Just imagine the massive wave we can create from just this one small ripple.



Being our best will not happen by chance; you need to take action.

This 30 day Challenge is all about taking action. It’s not easy to make the daily commitment to self; but then again what’s easy? That’s why we have laid out an easy to follow step by step action plan. Fitness is more then just the physical. The physical is the easy part, the real work is the emotional and spiritual fitness. Read more +



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