3 Second Rule

What happens when you wake up at 1:52 (who is ever really scared in the middle of the afternoon?) and are griped by an overwhelming sense of “Oh shit, will I be ok?”

I mean it was just a dream, wasn’t it ? Feels like it will last forever …. oh overreacting?
How about, you are under-reacting to my situation.
Then why does it feel so real that I can taste and smell it?
The taste is from the cleaner they use to wipe the crud off the golfball that is wedged in my throat. The smell is from the goblins and trolls living under my bed -now that’s reason to be scared!
Shit … I have a toe exposed – I can afford to lose the pinkie toe.
We can sacrifice that pawn, so I can stay safe and secure under the duckie blankie.
Don’t move a muscle – that’s the best way to deal with fear.
Don’t breathe ……

Inertia and Indecision 

Or I could ……………..wait three seconds and realize that it’s still safe and edible. I mean it’s only really a little dirt and grim. It still tastes the same, smells the same, and  only has a bit of the icing smudged off the side. There is really nothing wrong with it, and it’s just a bit of the icing that’s been smudged – it’s not broken. 


Why is it that we will be so forgiving to that piece of cake that falls on the floor , but yet be so condemning of ourselves?

That voice that swings the Judge’s gavel , it can dish out some pretty harsh and limiting  sentences. Our sense of justice and rules can muddy the waters. Right or Wrong. Good or Bad. It’s a little murky in there to tell them apart.

Time served for Good Behaviour
Good Behaviour – according to who?
According to ME
All it takes is three magical seconds to pardon a piece of cake. Three magical seconds for me to still have faith and belief that everything will be ok.
As Always My Predicament is Myself!